Saturday, 11 December 2010

Thought of you

This animation by Ryan Woodward is stunning. I had to post it here! The fluidity of the piece is mesmerizing, and I also love the song.

You can see the making of here:

Happy reading.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Occasionally I'll interrupt the flow of university based posts and include some of my personal projects.

I've been working on my drawing over the summer, and I think this was a good idea, considering that a lot of our uni projects this year have been more art-based. Plus it's nice to be able to draw, as well as animate!

While I think I have improved I know there is still a lot more to learn, and I always accept critique on all of my work (animated or not) and, take note of the critique for the next drawing/animation/project. As well as learning all the tech this year, critique classes have also played a massive part in my work and how I now go about my projects.

Minor Project (Character Animation)

Character Animation (Minor)

This project was great fun. I am also starting to learn how to manage my time more effectively, which helps a lot when it comes to deadlines. 
I had a few different ideas for this piece, for example she was originally going to be walking towards her teeth, but I soon realized that it didn't really make much sense. When I changed the position of the character to sitting, it worked a lot better. 

I would like to edit it over the holidays and move the staff around a bit so it looks more weighty and clean up some of the in between poses. The most challenging part of this animation was the lip sync. 

Modeling and Rigging (Physique)

Advanced Tech Part Two 

Personally, this has been the most challenging project so far, however it is the project which I have learned the most from.  

We had to model the hand from a box first, and then physique it correctly. It was difficult to understand the tech, however It was a good learning curve for me, and I feel that I could repeat the process and physique a different object again if asked too. This was split into a 6 week project (3 weeks modeling and 3 weeks rigging.) 

Over all I was very happy with how this project turned out. 


It's very difficult to start a new blog, however our University degree now requires one, and I thought it would be a nice way to document my ventures from University and beyond. 

Second year has been a lot of fun so far, and I have learned a great deal in the first few months alone. I now know how to poly model, use physique and I have had some experience with Lighting and texturing, which are all things I have never done before.

I can also animate, and I have been struggling to decide which to specialize in. So for the Minor project I chose to animate (Character animation, it was a lot of fun.) And for the Major I decided to choose the art strand. In my final year, I wish to combine the two and create a short film, which I will develop over summer. 

Along side university work, I also have my own projects. Which are mainly portrait paintings/drawings of famous people. I eventually hope to get some commissions in the near future.   

I will also post links, tips and tricks that I find a long the way, and good tutorials. I love to read around the subject, and I am starting to collect a few books, both on animation and modeling/texturing. 

My goal is to work in industry as an artist or compositor.