Sunday, 22 May 2011

End of Year

So this will probably be my last post with uni related work until september, but not my last post for personal stuff! I'll continue to post my art and any 3D Modeling I get done between now and then.
2nd year has been the hardest year yet, but I've learned a ton of stuff. All of it has been learning things from scratch, I've never poly modeled in my life, or rigged, or skinned, or character modeled, or worked on a film.... you get the idea.  It's been hard work, but I really feel like I've accomplished something this year. I joined this course last year, with no knowledge of animation other than 'I love Disney and Pixar films, I want to do that too!' and hear I am with a decent amount of knowledge two years later. I feel like I've learned more on this course in two years than I did in seven years of school! It's been intense, but I've really enjoyed the year.
This year I wanted to learn as much as I could. I worked on my friends film Lynn Feye's 'Forget me not' (see below), and I saw how she did her post production, and I can work with a team of good hard working people and meet deadlines. I've created my first ever environment for film, and lit it, textured it, modeled it. I've made props and I've done concept work for external clients. I decided that I was going to push myself to try new things and learn as much as I could so I'd be ready for 3rd year, and I think Ive achieved that, or at least I'm nearly there. There's some technical issues that need ironing out but I'm planning on editing some of my old projects when I have time.

It's been a busy year!