Wednesday, 2 November 2011


It's been ages since I've drawn fan art, so I thought I'd upload some.

Flynn Ryder- Tangled

Anton Ego- Work In progress (Ratatoullie)

I decided that I *really* needed to practice my none existant photoshop skills. I reckon I can finnish this painting off tomorrow, with any luck. I have just discovered the joys of painting with opacity. If anyone can give me some constructive Critisicm on my artwork I would really appreciate any input :)

Ego is probably one of my favourite Disney Pixar Villains, because of how complex he is. He isn't your run of the mill villain. And I love his design, Props to Pixar for this character. I hope to do some more fanart in the future.

(The next post will be about uni work, promise)

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