Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Project- Hugh Laurie as House MD

Hello blog! It's been a while.

This is just a short post about my new project- it's a character modelling in mudbox project. As I want to do a lot of realistic stuff this year I decided to model Hugh Laurie as House MD from the popular TV Show.
It's proving a bit of a challenge but I'm enjoying it so far.

This is only my second character I've ever modelled, I keep trying to remind myself of that when things go wrong.

Here's some research and a screenshot of what its looking like in mudbox at the moment. I'll upload my turnarounds and pre-viz at a later date.

(I have a ton more research but I won't bore you all with pictures of Hugh Laurie.) 

This is what it's looking like at the moment. I've done a bit more since taking this screenshot. I'm hoping to get some textures on tomorrow and render out my normal map by friday. Needs quite a bit more work! 

I'm really enjoying this project and I think I will continue to model famous people in my "Spare time' for practice.

On a major project note, I have decided to change some of my ideas.
Instead of doing a commercial, I'm going to use my horse model and put it in a live action field for my compositing project. I want to do two environments and some characters, so unfortunately I won't have time for everything. I still want to try and fit in some compositing though. My environments are now going to be a Western Saloon Bar, and an Old victorian house/Street (Think Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Movie.) I want to get everything looking as real as I can so I have my work cut out for me!

Short post is short, I promise I will have more work to show next week!

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